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Tweed Jute Braided Rugs - Olde Church Emporium

Tweed Jute Braided Rugs

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Jute is a natural fiber that is so strong it was once used to make ropes for ships. Our Jute Braided Rugs are durable and come in great colors to choose from. We also have a full line of braided accessories to match including braided chairpads, placemats, table runners, coasters and trivets. The jute braids are one of our fastest growing product lines and lots of customers come back for more.

Warm browns are paired with rich greens. The splashes of soft yellow and gold create a multi-layered look.

Traditional braided jute rugs and accessories are favored in country and primitive motifs with deep, rich color palettes using up to 21 different color yarns in each pattern.


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