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Melissa & Doug - Mine to Love Doll Diaper Changing Set With Bag, Wipes, Accessories (7 pcs)

$ 15.99

Attention to Detail

Quality craftsmanship and attention to detail ensures this doll diaper changing set will be a favorite for years to come. This fabric doll-sized diaper bag is packed with supplies to help young mommies and daddies care for their baby dolls. The machine-washable bag features an eye-catching pattern, two large pockets with self-stick closures, and handles for taking it on the go. The set includes a cloth doll diaper with self-stick tabs for an adjustable fit, a molded plastic box with a snap-shut lid filled with 6 'baby wipes,' and an adorable rash ointment container with flip-top lid. This bag is roomy enough to neatly store a child’s other baby doll accessories, too, like clothes, brushes, or small toys.

Creative and Imaginative Skill Building

Taking care of 'baby' encourages creativity and imagination while building important developmental skills. Doll play and caretaking develops cognitive and fine motor skills as children practice removing and putting on diapers, and filling and removing items from the diaper bag. Children learn language skills as they talk to their dolls, and caring for them helps foster nurturing skills and responsibility. Doll play also helps self-esteem and confidence grow by leaps and bounds.

  • Fabric bag with two compartments
  • Easy to keep baby doll supplies organized
  • Self-stick cloth diaper for adjustable fit
  • Container of wipes pre-packed with six wipes
  • Promotes language and pretend-play skills

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