Melissa & Doug - Longfellow Caterpillar - Rainbow-Colored Stuffed Animal With 32 Floppy Feet (over 2 feet long) [Home Decor]- Olde Church Emporium
Melissa & Doug

Melissa and Doug Longfellow Caterpillar 000772076906 Rainbow-Colored Stuffed Animal 32 Floppy Feet (over 2 feet long)

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Huggably soft and comforting

Longfellow Caterpillar’s long, cuddly body offers gentle reassurance when draped over shoulders or a lap, making it an ideal comfort object. Its elongated form makes it the perfect bedtime buddy, too: Folded, spiraled, or scrunched up, it’s just right for hugging or for cradling a sleepy head. Stretched out long, it offers lots of confidence-building company without crowding a bed or stroller. And for those in-between times (the long minutes before sleep takes over or any time a good snuggle can keep worry at bay) Longfellow Caterpillar offers lots of tactile stimulation to occupy fingers and minds: a soft, segmented body to pet; a tuft of fuzz to nuzzle; 32 floppy feet to bobble and grasp. From its smiling face all the (long) way to his soft green behind, this pleasing plush toy is pure comfort from end to end.

  • Super-soft plush caterpillar
  • Huggable, flexible body drapes comfortably over shoulders or on a lap.
  • 32 floppy feet are fun to "walk" along.
  • Bright yellow head features bobbly antennae, bright pink nose, a cheerful smile and fluffy "hair" for sensory stimulation.
  • Over 2 feet long!

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