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Candlelite 6 watt Candelabra base Silicone wrapped light bulbs - small or large size bulb

$ 3.99

THE WARM GLOW OF A CANDLE WITHOUT THE FLAME" The is the Genuine and Original CANDLE-LITE , hand dipped, silicone coated flame shaped bulb. It have become famous for its charming real flame look and glow, certainly the most popular flame bulb in the market today! These Candle-Lite bulbs are used extensively for the popular electric"window candles" see in the windows of so many Country, Early American, and Rustic homes. Use them for your windows, or anywhere you want to create a candle-like glow in any of your decorative or reproduction electric lamps.THe 6 watt lamp will provide greater light for reading or situation that require it. These charming and unique bulbs are a great way to make that perfect finishing touch to your home's decor!

Available in 2 sizes

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