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Brown Betty Teapots - 2cup, 4cup, 6cup, 8cup

$ 12.99

These are the authentic English Brown Betty tea pots found in kitchens throughout England. The familiar round shape infuses the tea properly producing an excellent flavor. Made from real English red clay, baked to a rich brown color and finished with a transparent glaze, these tea pots are the original Brown Betty hand made in England using methods dating back to the 1700s.

The glaze on the teapot is based on a manganese brown glaze developed by the Marquis of Rockingham on his estate in England in the late 1700s. This Rockingham Brown glaze and the Betty shape was eventually shortened to the affectionate term Brown Betty which we use today. The teapot was one made for the general public as a very utilitarian piece for daily use. It needed to be durable and cheap and so was made from a good terracotta clay which would hold the heat nicely. Todays teapots are still made out of a red clay visible on the unglazed portions of the lid and base of the teapot.

Embossed on base for authenticity - Made in England

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